At the University of Santa Clara, California, a researcher conducted a study of 1,500 business managers that revealed what workers value most in a boss. Employees said they respected a leader who shows competence, has the ability to inspire workers, and is skillful in providing direction.

But there was a fourth quality they admired even more—integrity. Above all else, workers wanted a manager whose word was good, one who was known for his honesty, and one whom they could trust.

While this finding holds special significance for Christian managers, it also says something to everyone who names the name of Christ. Integrity should characterize all believers, no matter what their position. According to Psalm 15, truth is at the very heart of every word and deed of a godly person. Since the God of the Bible always keeps His word, it follows that a godly person will be known as one who does what he says he will do.

We all need to be more careful about our integrity. Do those around us admire us for our honesty? Does the Lord see us as doing what we said we would do—even if it hurts? (Ps. 15:4).