God’s promise to be with His people (Ps. 145:18) is a wonderful gift that we sometimes take for granted. But there are times in every believer’s life when His presence becomes a precious reality.

A few years ago I sank into an uncharacteristic period of anxiety and depression. After many years of spiritual and emotional stability, I was nearly overwhelmed with dark thoughts. I struggled to counteract the despair with the truths of God and the help of the Holy Spirit.

Then one night I went to hear the gospel music group known as the Talleys. During their concert, Kirk Talley introduced a new song he had written. I listened as the group sang these simple but profound lyrics:

He is here, hallelujah! He is here, amen!
He is here, holy, holy. I will bless His name again.
© 1990 Kirk Talley Music

These words express one of the most familiar truths of the Bible—a truth I had long taken for granted. But how it spoke to me that night! It brought me unbelievable comfort, release, and hope. The Lord used that gospel song to spark a turnaround in my life. I began to appreciate God’s presence in a fresh and invigorating way.

As God’s children, we may think we should be exempt from emotional struggles. But we aren’t.

If it seems as if God has left you, if you are despondent, if you feel alone and afraid, meditate on the truth of these beautiful words: “He is here, hallelujah!”