It was his wedding day, and the groom was in trouble. A storm had dumped 3 inches of rain in less than 3 hours on Louisville, Kentucky. The husband-to-be was heading for the church when his car stalled in high water at an intersection and wouldn’t start again. Becoming frantic, he waved $50 bills at passing cars, hoping someone would give him a ride. When a driver finally did stop—to ask for directions—it was just in time.

The bridegroom arrived at the church, drenched, shoeless, and carrying his tuxedo in a plastic bag. Twenty minutes later he walked down the aisle, his hair still wet.

The experience of this groom reminds me of King David’s life. In moments of alarm, David felt as though the heavens had turned against him (Ps. 31:22). Circumstances seemed out of control. He felt invisible to others and as forgotten as someone who had already died (v.12). Yet his darkest hours invariably became the occasion for praise to God (vv.19,23). Time after time, tests of faith were followed by proofs of the Lord’s presence and unending care.

As Christians, we too can expect trials on the road to heaven. But we can have confidence in God’s ability to provide exactly what we need—just in time.