A popular rap singer who died in 1995 at the age of 31 took pride in the profane language and violent imagery of his productions. If you listened to his music, you had the feeling that he was shaking his fist at God.

It’s a tragic story. The singer’s godless philosophy of life deprived him of hope and led him into a lifestyle that caused his death at a young age. But far worse than an early death is the fact that God’s judgment awaits all who reject Him (Phil. 3:19).

The apostle Paul, though he was a very religious man, was also on a road to self-destruction until the Lord graciously sent him to his knees (Acts 9). After he put his trust in Jesus and accepted the gift of salvation, Paul had a far different view of life’s purpose. Now he saw Jesus as his only hope, and his highest goal was to become like Christ (Phil. 3:7-14). He could face death fearlessly because he looked forward to the conclusion of it all—perfect conformity to Christ in heaven (vv.20-21).

What a contrast! Man’s way produces harmful, evil conduct that ends in destruction. God’s way promises inner peace, victory over enslaving sins, and eternity in heaven. The right choice is obvious! Have you made it?