Our children grew up accustomed to thanking God for their food and asking Him to bless it. Once, after my husband had prayed, Tina asked, “Daddy, why did you ask God to bless this food to our wobbly knees?”

He had said “bodily needs,” not “wobbly knees.” Tina’s misunderstanding not only reminded us of the necessity of food, but it also encouraged us to ask God for strength when we face life’s stresses.

In today’s reading, we find Elijah in a “wobbly” condition. After his mountaintop experience (1 Ki. 18), he ended up in the wilderness—tired, discouraged, and hungry. An angel brought him food, and later God Himself ministered to Elijah’s discouragement by speaking to him in a still, small voice.

Like Elijah, everyone has “wobbly” moments. If we haven’t taken time to care for our physical needs, we need to rest and eat. And if we are feeling weak spiritually, we must take time to be quiet and listen to the still, small voice of God in His Word. This is essential food for our souls.

It’s good to pause at mealtime to ask God to use the food to meet our bodily needs. It’s even more crucial to read His Word and ask Him to nourish us spiritually. After all, He alone is the One who can strengthen “wobbly knees.”