Wreckers who were preparing to tear down a burned-out bakery in Troy, Illinois, accidentally made a big impression on City Hall, which was right next door. A 65-ton crane backed into the government building, creating a gaping hole in the front wall. According to a supervisor, the crane operator “was just being careless.”

This accident reminds me of what happened to the church in first-century Corinth. By being self-absorbed and careless with the bread and wine of the Lord’s Table, some church members backed into big trouble. Their failure to honor the sanctity of Communion dishonored the memory of Christ’s sacrifice. Many believers paid for their mistake with a loss of health or even life (1 Cor. 11:30).

Paul urged the Corinthians to judge themselves so that they wouldn’t be judged (vv.28,31). And he pointed out that even the Lord’s judgment was for their benefit (v.32).

The Lord’s Table will remain an opportunity and a danger until He comes (v.26). By the attitude of our hearts, we will either honor His death or do damage to His name.

Before you celebrate the Lord’s Supper, prayerfully examine yourself. Then, with a heart of gratitude, focus on His sacrifice for you.