Month: August 1996

It's Your Choice

We would have expected Jesus to give a sympathetic word for the victims when He was told of a massacre of Jews who were offering sacrifices (Lk. 13:1). Instead, Christ issued a stern warning: "Unless you repent you will all likewise perish" (v.3).

The Gain Of Loss

When she was a child, Nancy was taught that winning isn't everything; it's how you play the game that counts. But when she became an adult, she adopted another approach to life. As the wife of Dick Howser, manager of the Kansas City Royals baseball team, she agreed with her husband's philosophy that it doesn't matter what you do—as long as you win.

Reasons To Be Admired

In a survey by Careers & Colleges magazine, American teenagers revealed some surprising news about themselves. When asked whom they admire most, more than 7 out of 10 teens chose their parents over TV stars, political leaders, and athletes.

When God Corrects Us

Solomon warned us not to lean on our own understanding (Prov. 3:5). That implies we are prone to make mistakes in judgment. And how we hate having our mistakes corrected!

Where Do You Want To Live?

My friend and I watched with interest the construction of a 26-story building in downtown Grand Rapids. As we observed the impressive structure, we discussed the skill and techniques of the construction process.

It's Late!

A young boy was playing in his grandmother's house near a large grandfather clock. Noontime was approaching, and when both hands of the old timepiece reached 12, the chimes began to ring.

The Final Scene

I was intrigued by a picture of a jubilant Hitler and a cheering crowd celebrating a German victory early in World War II. At that time, many people in Great Britain were completely discouraged.


When Apollo 11 neared the moon in July 1969, the editors of The New York Times felt their coverage of the first step on lunar soil should go beyond headlines and photos to embrace an achievement shared by all humanity. So they asked Pulitzer Prize-winner Archibald MacLeish to write a poem. The day after Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin Jr. walked on the moon, the front page contained these words:

Good Reasons

A janitor at the University of Minnesota was a devout Christian who longed for his son Bob to put his trust in Christ. Bob recalls his father lovingly pleading, "Take Jesus as your Savior!"

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