The fifth-grader watched her father struggling under the hot sun to cut the grass on the family’s sizable yard. When he was finally done, she said to him, “Daddy, I wish we had a riding lawn mower. I’m going to buy you one.” She did more than make what seemed like an impossible promise. She began praying for a riding mower for her dad. And she began doing odd jobs to earn money.

Finally the girl had saved up $50, but everyone knew that wasn’t enough. Then one day she and her mom saw a riding mower that was for sale. Skeptically, they took a closer look at the sign. They couldn’t believe their eyes: $50. And the mower worked!

In Genesis 24, we read the account of Abraham’s servant seeking a bride for Isaac. He had the difficult task of finding a woman from a family hundreds of miles away. And she had to be willing to return with him to Canaan. He prayed specifically, did everything he could, and waited on the Lord.

Two seemingly impossible requests. Two faithful believers in prayer and action. It’s a formula for great results.

Not all prayers are answered affirmatively, of course, but that isn’t our concern. Our job is to see the need, ask God for help, and do what we can. We all need “mower” faith.