Jeremiah watched intently as the workman shaped the clay. All seemed to be going well until the potter saw a flaw in what he was making. But instead of throwing the clay away, he reworked it until he had produced a perfect vessel.

God told the prophet that this is what He would do with Israel. Her sins were preventing her from becoming the kind of nation He wanted her to be. But He would not throw her away. Instead, He would bring circumstances into her life to make the changes necessary to mold her into a nation that pleased Him.

God does something similar with believers today. Whether to remove sin from our lives or to mold our character to become more Christlike, His goal is to improve us.

Some of Christ’s followers seem to go through life without major reshaping experiences. But with others, in His infinite wisdom God seems to take special measures. As a result, these people can be further down the road to spiritual maturity than most of us before they leave this life.

If you are going through an unusual amount of grief, disappointment, and pain, don’t despair. The Potter is at work in your life. Allow Him to shape you, removing the imperfections and building your trust in Him.