E-mail. In case you’re not familiar with this trendy buzzword, it refers to correspondence that is transmitted over computer networks. Whenever I click the SEND NOW command on my computer to zip a message along the cyberspace network, I always worry, “Is my e-mail actually getting to its destination? Will someone be there to receive it? Will I get a response?”

You may have had those same questions in another realm of communication—prayer. But there are some important differences.

For my e-mail to arrive, my equipment and my programs must function correctly. Prayer, on the other hand, is just me talking to God, with no chance of a glitch. If I haven’t clogged the lines with sin, my prayers will always be heard (Ps. 66:18; 3:4). And when I do sin, God is always waiting to forgive me (1 Jn. 1:9).

With e-mail, my message could sit unread for days. Not so with prayer. God is always there (Ps. 6:9). And although I may never get a response to some e-mail messages, with God the answers will always come (86:7; 91:15).

So don’t worry if you don’t even know what e-mail is. Prayer is indescribably better. It’s our direct line of intimate communication with the Creator.