Some people pray only in a crisis. Their “quick fix” mentality sees God mainly as a problem solver. When merciful solutions come, He is courteously thanked, then more or less forgotten until the next crisis.

The story is told of a little rich girl, accustomed to servants, who was afraid to climb a dark stairway alone. Her mother suggested that she overcome her fear by asking Jesus to go with her up the stairs. When the child reached the top, she was overheard saying, “Thank You, Jesus. You may go now.”

We smile, but Psalm 106 contains a serious warning against dismissing God from our lives—as if that were possible. Israel had a tendency to take the Lord’s mercies for granted, and God called that rebellion (v.7). They ended up with malnourished souls because they chose to ignore Him (vv.13-15). What lessons for us!

Anticipate great things from God, but don’t expect Him to come at your beck and call. Instead, be at His beck and call, eager to fulfill His will.

Like the little rich girl, let’s ask God to accompany us through life’s dark passageways. But instead of dismissing Him when our special needs are met, let’s cling to Him as if our lives depended on it. They do!