My daughter was playing basketball at a local sports facility when the manager asked her where she went to school. When she named her Christian school, the man expressed surprise. “But you seem so happy all the time. I thought Christians were supposed to walk around acting sad.”

I don’t think this man is alone in his view of Christians. Maybe it’s because we have standards that warn us to avoid immoral activities that the world considers “fun.” Perhaps it’s because they think a somber, down-in-the-mouth lifestyle must accompany a serious faith. But I’m afraid the biggest reason could be that we as Christians too often let our list of problems overwhelm us and block our view of another list—the Lord’s blessings.

We have a Father who has given us “every spiritual blessing . . . in Christ” (Eph. 1:3). We have been chosen and adopted by Him (vv.4-5). And we are assured of eternal life (Ti. 1:2). No one is more blessed, and no one can be as happy as we can be!

Of course, there are times when we experience deep sorrow. Yet, because of God’s countless gifts, our outlook can cause others to wonder why we seem so happy.