Psalm 34 breathes with the spirit of exuberant confidence and faith in God. The Lord, said David, delivers us from all our fears (v.4). Not only that, but those who look up to Him with a heaven-born confidence reflect the light of His countenance so that they become radiant (v.5). The inner joy bubbles over and reveals itself in their eyes and face.

A woman who was more than 80 years old wrote to me some years ago and related a personal experience that had profoundly influenced her life.

She said, “I recall that when I was a child, I used to watch a precious old saint in church as with closed eyes he sang with head thrown back and with tears trickling down over a perfectly radiant face, ‘Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing!’ Sometimes he sang in tune and sometimes way off, but nobody cared because he sang with his whole heart. I don’t remember a single word he ever said, but I was profoundly impressed by his face. I wanted to be a Christian like that. Since then I have often prayed, ‘O Father, help me to be a radiant Christian.'”

Take a look in the mirror. Does your face radiate a good testimony for Jesus Christ?