To have all earthly gifts, pleasures, and benefits without also knowing the heavenly Giver is a tragedy of eternal proportions! The Word of God clearly teaches that if we do not respond to God’s gracious gifts by acknowledging the heavenly Benefactor, our ungratefulness will only ensure our final doom and misery (Rom. 2:4-10).

To appreciate and appropriate these lesser gifts from God, we must possess the greater Gift: Jesus Christ. To know Him is the heart and core of all true blessedness. All thankful praise must arise from hearts that can exclaim, “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (2 Cor. 9:15).

Some years ago in Germany, a young man lay on an operating table. A skilled surgeon stood next to him and a group of his students were nearby. The surgeon said to the patient, “If you wish to say anything before we administer the anesthetic, now is your opportunity, for I must warn you that they will be the last words you will ever utter in this world.” The young man understood, for his tongue was to be removed because of cancer. What words should he choose for such an occasion? After a long pause he said, “Thank God for Jesus Christ!” Can you say the same?