The jacana is a unique tropical bird. It has spindly legs with long protruding toes, enabling it to skip along on floating weeds or stroll across lily pads. It has been given the nickname “lily-trotter.” Even though it is capable of majestic flight, it seems content to move lazily from flower to flower or to drift slowly downstream.

Many Christians are like the jacana bird in their Bible reading. They skip around on the surface, lighting on a few favorite verses that are beautiful and comforting. But they fail to learn the deeper truths of God’s Word that can stabilize their lives. They seldom spend time studying their Bibles.

The psalmist meditated on God’s Word throughout the day and gained great understanding and wisdom (119:97-104). As believers, we would be wise to follow his example. Searching the Scriptures diligently (Acts 17:11) will cause us to grow in our knowledge of God’s truth so that we understand how the Lord wants us to live and serve Him.

Don’t just trip lightly over the surface of a few choice texts. Avoid being a “lily-trotter.” Instead, rise to new heights of spiritual understanding.