God will make Himself known to anyone who sincerely desires to know the truth.

Edith Schaeffer tells of a man in China who longed to know, worship, and serve the true God. The Lord honored that desire by leading him to find a torn page from a catechism that had been prepared by a missionary. On it was the question, “Are there more gods than one?” with the answer, “No, there is only one God.” Another question was, “Should we worship idols?” There was only the word “No,” and the rest was torn off. But on the basis of those words he went home and destroyed his demon altars.

Then his daughter became ill. “You’ve angered the demons,” chided his neighbors. Hoping to get nearer to God, the man climbed to a 14,000-foot mountain peak and asked God to heal his daughter. Returning home, he learned that her fever had left at the exact time he had prayed. Later in a marketplace he found a copy of Mark’s gospel. After reading it and learning about Jesus, he became a Christian.

Do you really want to know God? Search for Him “with all your heart” (Jer. 29:13). Look in His Word and be quick to do what He says. Put your trust in His Son. Then you’ll truly know God.