Unni Brinchman jumped out of a small plane at 12,000 feet. That might not sound so unusual, but it was her first plunge, and she was a 58-year-old grandmother! The event occurred at a 3-day Grandmothers Festival held in Bodo, Norway. Its purpose was to encourage older women to continue to lead interesting, exciting lives. Hundreds of women tried things they had never done before, breaking old-age stereotypes.

No one is in a better position to have a positive, forward-looking attitude about age than the child of God. Physical limitations may make it impossible to jump out of an airplane, but there are many courageous—and more worthwhile—acts that you can accomplish. No physical feat is more noble than to remain strong in faith when physical strength fails.

Nothing is more honorable than to trust God when others are saying, “God has forsaken him” (Ps. 71:11). Nothing is more needed than to declare the Lord’s strength to the next generation (v.18).

There are many difficulties to face as we grow older. But who can better celebrate life than those who know from experience that the Lord is faithful, and who have the assurance from Him that the best is yet ahead!