Author Susan Lenzkes was deeply troubled by the pictures on the news reports coming from Oklahoma City. The April 1995 bombing had taken its toll on the city’s residents and on the nation’s spirit. As Susan sat in her California home wishing she could do something, she prayed, “Lord, show me how I can help.”

Two hours later the phone rang. It was a woman in Enid, Oklahoma, who had previously contacted Susan to tell her how one of her books had helped her. Now she was inquiring if copies of the book could be sent to people affected by the tragedy.

Soon Susan was talking with her publisher, who immediately provided a quantity of the books free. As word of this project spread, other ministries got involved. In just a couple of days, thousands of books and Bibles were on their way to Oklahoma City.

Susan prayed. God answered. Spiritual needs were met.

That’s how prayer works. We call out to our heavenly Father in faith, knowing that He can do what we could never do. The answer may not be dramatic; it could be as simple as giving us strength to make it to tomorrow. Whatever the case, we can pray as David did, “Save, Lord! May the King answer us when we call” (Ps. 20:9).