Before heading out into battle, the soldier checks and rechecks his weapon to make sure it is working smoothly.

The police officer dons his tactical vest and helmet and lifts his ballistic shield as he approaches a house on a drug raid.

The only believer on the women’s basketball team knows she’s going to be the object of rough treatment after she has spoken out for the Lord. She prepares for the persecution by spending time with the Lord. Why? She knows that her security is in God.

This young believer has learned what David discovered long ago. He wrote Psalm 57 while hiding in a cave from the murderous King Saul. David knew that his security was not in the cave, nor in his cunning, but in God. That’s why he wrote: “In the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge” (v.1). He felt secure (v.7), and he would sing God’s praise when it was all over (v.9).

When we are faced with opposition, we sometimes try to manipulate people or arrange circumstances to make sure we are safe. But we need to learn that our protection is not in our man-made defenses. God is our true source of safety!