Some years ago as I lay in a hospital bed, I overheard two women talking in a waiting room outside my door. Evidently the husband of one of them was in critical condition. She had been under extreme stress and was greatly concerned about his recovery. She said to her friend, “You know, when you’re as worried as I am, you just have to smoke!”

That made me think about how people handle their fears. Some turn to alcohol, others turn to food, and some to busyness. The psalmist gave us a better solution to the problem of fear. He said, “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You” (56:3). It’s tragic when we turn to something other than the Lord to fill the void or cover up the pain we’re feeling.

If we have put our faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, we can have confidence that our heavenly Father sees us in our trials and has promised His protection. In times of distress, we can place our trust in the Lord. He wants us to call on Him so that He can encourage us with His presence and give us His peace.

As you rest in the Lord and rely on Him today, you will be able to say with the psalmist, “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You.”