When Henry Rolls was walking through his factory in its early days, he overheard a lathe operator say, “Oh, that’ll do,” as he tossed a part into a basket. The part looked all right to the casual observer, but Henry Rolls expected his workmen to use a micrometer and be satisfied with nothing less than precision accuracy. So when Mr. Rolls heard that comment, he reprimanded the man, “That may do for anyone else, but it will not do for Rolls-Royce.”

God is satisfied with nothing less than perfection. Divine specifications do not allow for any flaws. Jesus brought this out in Matthew 5:21-48. First He said to His listeners, “You have heard”—that’s the human standard. Then He said, “But I say to you”—that’s God’s standard. He highlighted the perfection by which God’s children should stand out from the crowd on six of life’s most crucial issues: anger (vv.21-22), sexual purity (vv.27-30), marital fidelity (vv.31-32), honesty in speech (vv.33-37), nonretaliation (vv.38-42), and treatment of enemies (vv.43-48).

Father, forgive us for being satisfied with less than the best, with what may be good but is not good enough. Help us by Your Spirit to keep striving to be perfect as You are perfect (v.48).