School was over for the day, and 14-year-old Sandy couldn’t wait to get home. Bursting into the kitchen, she exclaimed, “Mother, I’m in love! I tingle whenever I’m near him, and I have butterflies in my stomach when he talks to me.”

Sandy’s mother listened as her daughter bubbled over about the wonders of being in love, but she wasn’t unduly alarmed. She expected that before long the romance would end—and in a few days it did. There’s much more to true love than a tingling sensation and butterflies in the stomach.

Likewise, the signs of a genuine love for Jesus must be much more than the good feelings gained from enthusiastic singing and glowing testimonies in public.

I heard of a woman who exuberantly described how much she enjoyed her church and loved Jesus. Yet she refused to speak to her mother-in-law, fought with her sisters, and tried to dominate her husband. If she couldn’t show her devotion to Jesus by obeying His command to love others, the happiness she felt at church meant nothing.

When Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (Jn. 14:15), He was giving us the supreme test of our devotion to Him. Do we pass the test?