In 1983 at age 16, an English girl began an 11-year trek around the world—on foot! Why did she do it? She said, “I had to discover myself.”

In case you think you couldn’t or wouldn’t undertake such a journey, a podiatrist in Washington, D.C., informs us that we already have. He claims that the average person’s feet travel more than four times the earth’s circumference in a lifetime.

That’s a lot of walking! But where are our feet taking us, and why?

In Romans 10, Paul wrote about the feet of those who carry the gospel wherever they go (v.15). He said that unless someone goes and tells others about Jesus, they will not hear and they will not be saved.

With that in mind, we can walk with a cause—not to discover ourselves but to help others discover Christ. For this reason, God enlists our feet, even calling them beautiful!

But what about people like Joni Eareckson Tada who can’t walk? She testifies, “I’ve learned that you can be in a wheelchair and still walk with Jesus!” Yes, all believers can live for Jesus wherever they go. Our lives can be a shining testimony of the power and truth of the gospel.

Where will your feet be going today? How will you spread the good news about Christ?