A woman who was widowed for the second time felt the loss deeply. She saw little reason to go on living.

One day she got into the car with her young grandson. After securing him properly, she started the car without fastening her own seatbelt. When the 5-year-old politely pointed this out to her, she told him she didn’t care about her safety because she wanted to go to Jesus and Grandpa. The boy replied, “But Grandma, then you would leave me!”

God used this youngster to bring to her the realization that He still had service for her to perform, and that her situation was not as hopeless as it seemed to be.

During almost 50 years of ministry, I’ve seen many despairing people come to the place where they felt there was no way out. Like Elijah, they wanted to die (1 Ki. 19:4). God sustained them, however, and showed them that He still had work for them to do. They discovered that the situation was not as dark as they had thought and that God had a reason for them to go on living.

Don’t give in to despair! Remind yourself of God’s goodness and love. Talk to Him. He will meet your needs. He’ll lead you in paths of love and light and joy where you will find new hope.