When the US Congress convenes each year, Senators and Representatives reopen debate on how to deal with the nation’s social and political problems. Throughout the year, more and more laws are passed.

I often marvel at the growing mountain of laws. It’s sometimes hard to understand why we need to add and change laws so often.

Our government’s law-system contrasts greatly with God’s system of moral standards. Although the Bible records many regulations that no longer apply to us, it also sets forth universal truths that never change. As David said in Psalm 119:89, “Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven.”

Everything God wants us to know and how He wants us to conduct ourselves has been clearly spelled out for us. And God’s truth must not be amended, voted on, or vetoed.

The Bible not only provides principles that stand forever, but it also gives delight (v.92), life (v.93), and protection (vv.94-95) to those who read and obey it.

Our lawmakers may be doing admirable work, but they can never give us anything as valuable as the Lord’s permanent statutes. And we can do no better than to live by the settled Word.