While visiting Christian workers in the country of Romania, Charlie VanderMeer from Children’s Bible Hour went to an orphanage where people with physical and mental disabilities live together.

Misha, a young man of 24, broadcasts music and Christian programs into the orphanage buildings. Although he is paralyzed below the waist, he gets around just fine. A friend, who has Down’s syndrome and cannot hear or speak, carries him on his shoulders.

Charlie could tell by the smile on the face of the man who carries Misha that this is his mission in life. According to a worker, when Misha had to be gone for a few weeks, his friend didn’t know what to do.

What a picture of members of the body of Christ relying on one another! Each of us is a little like Misha. We are partially equipped to do the work of the Lord, but we need the “legs” of our fellow believers to carry us along.

This example of Misha and his friend reminds us that none of us can do the entire job alone. God designed us to rely on each other as we serve Him. So look for ways you can help others, and learn to appreciate how much you can do together.