Month: February 1996

Rushmore Reminder

In 1941, sculptor Gutzon Borglum completed his work on Mount Rushmore. The 60-foot-high granite heads of four US Presidents now stand like sentinels of democracy over the Black Hills of South Dakota. The imposing likenesses of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt remind visitors of our nation's heritage and history.

A Wise Way To Pray

Plato, the Greek philosopher, borrowed from an ancient poet a prayer that he said best expresses the way we shortsighted mortals should pray. Although the prayer was to a pagan deity, it has a lesson for us. It goes like this: "Give us those things which are best, whether we pray for them or not; but command evil things to remain at a distance from us, even though we implore them."

A Pocketful Of Dynamite

In the early days of TV, there was a popular comedy show known for its far-fetched gags. Among the cast of characters was a burly man who had an annoying habit of jabbing people with his finger. Finally one of the other characters could no longer stand it.

Our Source Of Safety

Before heading out into battle, the soldier checks and rechecks his weapon to make sure it is working smoothly.

How To Handle Fear

Some years ago as I lay in a hospital bed, I overheard two women talking in a waiting room outside my door. Evidently the husband of one of them was in critical condition. She had been under extreme stress and was greatly concerned about his recovery. She said to her friend, "You know, when you're as worried as I am, you just have to smoke!"

We All Need Jesus

A Christian couple told their sons to be kind to the boys next door but not to become close companions with them. They explained that these boys could get them in trouble because of their dirty talk, their fighting, and their disrespectful attitude.

A String Of Bad Choices

The teenager expressed the view of many. Speaking of the wild parties he attended, the 16-year-old declared, "Without these parties, my life wouldn't have any purpose."

Without A Bumper Sticker

While driving in rush hour traffic one day, I found myself behind a car with a bumper sticker. It had a yellow smiley face on it with these words: Smile—Jesus Loves You.

Insulated From Sin

I watched with fascination as workers from the Grant Tower Company dismantled each section of the transmitter tower. The powerful radio signal had been sent up a 1" copper tube inside a 4" protective steel pipe. At each joint and throughout the 20' sections, nylon spacers kept the copper from getting too near the outside pipe and ruining the signal.

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