At the highest levels of government, military leaders carefully monitor events in their region and around the world. As they evaluate troop movements, missile placements, and possible responses, they try to answer the question, “Where is this going to lead us?”

About 600 BC, Jeremiah the prophet asked his countrymen to consider where their action was taking them. The biggest threat to their well-being, however, wasn’t an enemy army but their own spiritual and moral decay. People who professed to believe in God were sexually immoral, godless, and cruel (5:7-28).

Even more troubling was the people’s preference for religious leaders who said politically correct things rather than the truth (5:30-31). The prophet, knowing that their way of life would ultimately bring down God’s judgment, asked them to think realistically, “What will you do in the end?” (v.31).

It was a good question then, and it’s a good question today. We need to evaluate carefully our relationship with God. Do we stop long enough in our busy lives to ask, “Where is my life headed?” We must measure our attitudes and actions by God’s Word if we want God’s blessing on our lives.