A woman who was extremely upset phoned me several years ago. She said she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Apparently she had strayed far from the Lord, but now had returned to Him and truly wanted to do His will. The memories of her days of spiritual wandering, however, kept haunting her. She somehow couldn’t accept the fact that God had forgiven her sins, and she had no peace or joy. But worse than that, by her attitude she was saying to God, “I don’t believe You. You don’t mean what You say!”

I said to her, “Suppose that one of your dearest friends was careless and broke a piece of your best china. Feeling very sorry, she sincerely apologized for not being more careful. You assured her that you would not hold it against her. Now, what would you think if every time you saw that person, she recalled how foolish she had been and again asked for forgiveness? After a while you would probably become exasperated and say, ‘Listen, put the matter out of your mind. I have sincerely forgiven you, and I don’t want you to mention it again!'”

God is also true to His Word, for He promises to cleanse us when we acknowledge our failures. So confess your sins to the Lord. Then believe that you’re forgiven.