My elderly aunt was having difficulty with her memory. She tried to recall Scripture verses she had learned earlier in life, but they weren’t coming to mind. This bothered her. I told her that God understands our weaknesses. He remembers His promises even when we can’t. It’s more important that we rest in His faithfulness.

Author Lillian Helm learned that lesson too. At 91 she spent an hour each day reading her Bible and Christian literature. Her friends asked, “What good does all that reading do if you can’t remember much of it?” She replied by recounting her blessings and saying, “My cup runneth over. I’m not concerned about my memory. I just do my reading and God does the remembering.”

Paul was in prison awaiting execution when he wrote to Timothy, “Bring . . . the books, especially the parchments,” (2 Tim. 4:13). He knew the importance of keeping his mind filled with God’s truth. All of us need to do that every day of our lives.

But Paul’s confidence wasn’t in his books. It was in God, who would lovingly care for him and preserve him for His heavenly kingdom (v.18). That’s true for all of us, even if we can no longer read or remember.