What we propose to do in the new year is not as important as what we actually do with the old year. That’s why I suggest that instead of thinking about new year’s resolutions, we should think about the resolution of the old year.

Sound confusing? Here’s what I mean. Before we make plans for our lives in the new year and in our service for God, we need to take care of any problems we still have with the old year. We should deal with unconfessed sin before we begin making new plans.

So as the old year winds down, try getting away from everyone else for a little while and have a meeting with God. Take along a Bible, a pen, and a blank sheet of paper. First, spend some time reading and meditating on Psalm 51, David’s prayer of repentance. Then write down all of the junk from this past year that you can think of that you still need to confess to God. Next, following David’s example, ask God’s forgiveness. Then, just to remind yourself that He will blot out your transgressions (v.1), take that piece of paper, tear it into bits, and throw it away.

Now you can start out the new year with a clean heart. That beats any other resolution you could ever make.