I once came across this headline in a newspaper: The Beautiful American. The dateline of the item was Keren, Ethiopia, and the article quoted the governor general, who said, “Why can’t you send us more Americans like Mr. Downey?” The official, talking with a visiting reporter, paused and rephrased his question: “Why aren’t there more human beings like him?”

The article then went on to explain that the official was referring to an ex-GI who sparked a drive to build an orphanage and hospital in that needy place. For this he was dubbed, “The Beautiful American,” which was a great compliment.

An even higher honor is to be called “The Beautiful Christian.” Above all others, believers should be the truly “beautiful people.” We are to be marked by the qualities of gentleness, compassion, love, tenderheartedness, and courtesy (1 Pet. 3:4,8). We are to be “beautiful” because we return blessing for evil (v.9), we seek peace (v.11), and we are willing to “suffer for righteousness’ sake” (v.14).

When others see you, do they see a reflection of Christ’s love in you? Because of your faithfulness, could you be called a “beautiful Christian”?