I find few things more delectable than three or four of my wife’s freshly baked chocolate-chip cookies, hot from the oven but cool enough to pick up and introduce to my longing taste buds. What really makes this treat complete is a large glass of ice-cold milk. That milk and those cookies are made for each other.

Now, I’m not considered a baby because I still drink milk. But if that’s all I took in for nourishment, you would ask, and rightly so, “What’s wrong? Shouldn’t you have been on solid foods long ago?”

Transfer this scenario to our Christian lives, as the writer did in today’s Scripture. There comes a point in our experience when we must move on from the basic salvation truths (Heb. 5:12)—not that we should ever lose our taste for them. Milk is always good and nourishing. We must never lose our appreciation for God’s forgiveness and our new life in Christ.

God wants us to learn the Word through study, prayer, meditation, obedience, and testing. We must know spiritual principles so that we can apply them, speak with confidence about our faith, and stand up under adversity.

The milk of the Word will always taste good, but the Bible’s solid food makes us strong. How’s your diet?