I’ll never forget the feeling. It was as if I suddenly had become invisible. I had gone into a major department store in a large mall to purchase a gift for my wife. I made my way to the proper section and stood by the counter. Nothing happened. I moved around and tried to look eager to buy. Still nothing happened. I could not get waited on.

The store was not busy. I could see two or three clusters of clerks engaged in conversation. Others were straightening racks. But no one even acknowledged that I was there. I finally went to another store.

Many people around us have an even greater need—to know about Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. Some are yearning for us to acknowledge them and reach out to them. Others would respond to a kind deed done in Jesus’ name. Still others may require gentle persuasion to accept the offer of salvation. But none of them will respond if we do not see them as people in need of Christ and make the effort to witness to them.

Paul prayed for an open door to proclaim the gospel (Col. 4:3). If we do the same, we will find genuine seekers of spiritual help all around us. Let’s show them by our words and actions that they are not invisible.