Faith—we all wish we had more of it, especially when facing mountainous problems. Yet most of us are well practiced in faith. We sit down in chairs without checking them out; we use microwave ovens without analyzing how they work; we put keys in doors and expect them to open. We don’t go around moaning, “If only I had more faith in chairs, in microwaves, in keys.” We depend on these objects because we see them as reliable—not because we’ve worked up great feelings of confidence.

Jesus didn’t say to His disciples, “Have more faith in God.” He simply said, “Have faith in God” (Mk. 11:22).

Bible teacher Stuart Briscoe writes, “Faith is only as valid as its object. You could have tremendous faith in very thin ice and drown

. . . . You could have very little faith in very thick ice and be perfectly secure.”

Many Christians have faith in faith rather than faith in God. When facing trials, they agonize to attain mountain-size faith. But Jesus taught that faith the size of a mustard seed is sufficient, if planted in the soil of God’s greatness.

What is your mountain today? As soon as you plant your mustard seed of faith in God, your mountain becomes His responsibility—and you can rest in His faithfulness.