When I was a teenager, our youth pastor and other people who talked to our youth group told us this: “Be careful where you go and what you do. You don’t want to be embarrassed when Jesus returns.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone say that, even though it’s a truth that is firmly grounded in Scripture. In 1 John 2:28, the apostle suggested that Christians should live pure lives by abiding in Jesus, for we never know when He will return.

I’m not sure exactly why we don’t hear this truth much anymore, but I have a good idea what a couple of reasons might be. For one thing, we may not really think Jesus could come back without warning. For another, we may not be as concerned as God wants us to be with living pure and holy lives.

The truth is, the Lord knows what we are doing at all times, and we should always be aware that we need to please Him with our words, actions, and attitudes. But the possibility of our being ashamed at His coming seems more sobering, since it is specifically mentioned in God’s Word.

So what’s the message? If we live every moment for Jesus, we can be confident that we won’t be ashamed when He returns.