After 60 years and 6 million visitors, the zoo in Milan, Italy, was shut down. Animal-rights activists had protested that conditions in the zoo were unfit for the animals caged there. But when the animals moved out, homeless people moved in. Until city leaders intervened, hundreds of them began sneaking into the cages under the cover of darkness, looking for a night’s rest.

Ironically, the zoo was only a 5-minute walk from one of Europe’s most expensive shopping districts. Within 400 yards of the cages, the shops of Italian fashion designers lined a street that attracted big spenders from all over the world.

There is something sad about people who live like animals. But who was further from the image of God—those taking shelter in the zoo or the big spenders a few blocks away?

The mighty king Nebuchadnezzar had been warned in a dream that he would be eating grass with the animals unless he changed his proud, sinful ways. The prophet Daniel told him to stop sinning and to show mercy to the poor (4:27). But Nebuchadnezzar refused, and his nightmare came true.

Father, forgive us for our pride. Help us not to live like animals but like people created in Your image.