The more than 1.5 million kinds of insects display a diversity that points to the wisdom of an infinite Creator. The common honey bee organizes a little city inside its hive. It builds 10,000 cells for honey, 12,000 for the larvae, and a special chamber for the queen mother.

When temperatures inside the hive become so warm that the honey is in danger of being lost through the softened wax, squads of sentinels automatically take their places at the hive’s entrance. Their fast-beating wings create a cooling system that rivals the electric fan.

French scientist René Antoine Ferchault de Réaumur examined a wasp’s nest in 1719 and noted that it seemed to be made of a type of crude pasteboard. After further investigation, he discovered that most of the material was obtained from tree fibers. As a result of this study, the first successful production of paper from wood pulp was achieved. Yet God had instilled this ability in the wasp at the dawn of history.

There are millions of similar wonders in our world, more than enough to convince anyone with an open mind and a searching heart that a great, all-wise Creator brought them into being. He deserves our heartfelt worship.