It’s amazing how many brands of breakfast cereal are offered by a typical American supermarket. And regardless of the countless ads that extol the virtues of one cereal over another, most brands are comparably nutritious and hunger-satisfying.

Is the salvation of our souls like that? In the supermarket of religions, aren’t all beliefs and dogmas spiritually nourishing and true?

Absolutely not! But that’s the common conclusion of many people—including some so-called Bible scholars. One theologian who clings to such a radically wrong view of Scripture wrote, “If ‘saved’ means being united and reconciled with God, then Acts 4:12 is palpably false. There are many authentic roads to God, and no religion holds the franchise for illumination.”

The writer’s insistence is an outright denial of God’s Word, which tells us that Christ’s sacrifice for sin is the only way we can gain a right relationship with God. Salvation is available through faith in Jesus Christ (Jn. 14:6), and it is absolutely free to anyone who accepts it by faith.

Finding spiritual truth is not like shopping for cereal. There’s only one right choice. Make sure you, and those around you, know the difference.