According to naturalists, butterflies of the Kallima family are able to pull off a unique disappearing act. Also known as “dead-leaf butterflies,” these insects have brilliant colors on the upper sides of their wings, but underneath they bear the lines and markings of a dead leaf and are noticeably drab.

In flight, this butterfly produces a flash of color easily detected by friend and foe alike. But when it lands, the colors disappear and it is transformed into a “dead leaf.” It becomes almost invisible because the vein-like appearance of its wings includes markings that mimic holes and fungus. It even sways in the breeze like a leaf.

Believers in Christ sometimes take on the appearance of the world to avoid detection. That’s what some religious leaders did in John 12. They believed in Jesus but didn’t make it known for fear of losing their position (v.42). We must be consistent, showing our colors for the Lord on all occasions, and not quickly blending into our surroundings when we feel threatened.

Yes, we can avoid ridicule from the world by going undercover, but that shows we love the praise of men more than the praise of God (v.43). Let’s maintain a clear-cut testimony at all times and in all circumstances.