The other day I talked with a man who expressed his apprehension about the future. He is certain the stock market will crash. He thinks our country will be taken over by evil forces, and the church will be overrun with worldliness. And even though he professes faith in Jesus Christ, he is afraid that by some quirk or oversight he will end up in hell.

Psalm 125 reminds us that we do not need to fear the future. The psalmist praises God because He has promised to protect and preserve His people. As the mountains around Jerusalem will not be moved, the psalmist sang, so the Lord surrounds His people forever (vv.1-2).

God promises to provide us with His grace. We are safe for all eternity because He said so. Jesus said that not one of His own will be snatched from His Father’s hand (Jn. 10:28). And Paul wrote that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Rom. 8:38-39).

This does not mean we are free to go out and sin. Paul wrote emphatically about the inconsistency of practicing a sinful lifestyle when we have “died to sin” (Rom. 6:1-4).

We who know the Lord and walk in His ways have every assurance that our future is as secure as the unchanging character of God.