A father and son were walking along the beach. The boy was lagging behind and suddenly shouted, “Look, Daddy, I’m walking in your footsteps!” This prompted the man to think about his responsibility to provide spiritual leadership for his son.

Second Kings 13 records a sad period in the history of God’s people. The kings of Israel were not obeying the Lord but were following in the footsteps of their evil fathers. The sinful practices of one generation were repeated by the next, and the blessing of the Lord was withheld from the nation.

Whether they are aware of it or not, parents set an example for their children. An unknown author wrote:

A careful man I ought to be;
A little fellow follows me.
I do not dare to go astray
For fear he’ll go the selfsame way.
Not once can I escape his eyes;
Whate’er he sees me do he tries.
Like me he says he’s going to be—
That little chap who follows me.
must remember as I go
Through summer sun and winter snow,
I’m molding for the years to be—
That little chap who follows me.

Parents, be careful where and how you walk! Someone’s following in your footsteps!