Have you ever seen those adopt-a-highway signs as you’ve traveled along an expressway?

The Next 2 Miles Adopted By Employees Of Kane Industries.

Or it might be the Rockford Adult Hockey League or the Lincoln County Library Staff or the Sigma Rho Alpha sorority. In the state of Michigan, the group that adopts a section of highway commits itself to cleaning up litter two or three times a year.

Pastor Don Logue commented on this practice: “There is a great lesson to be learned if we compare the adoption of a highway with the responsibilities of Christians. Suppose Christians adopted the stretch of land closest to where they live or work, and assumed responsibility to see that some kind of testimony for Christ was given during the year in the homes closest to them.”

When Philip walked the stretch of highway from Jerusalem to Gaza, he wasn’t there to pick up broken harnesses or mangled chariot wheels. He was sent by the Holy Spirit to present Christ to a man from Ethiopia.

As believers, we have been called by God to witness for Christ in our areas of influence. Let’s use wisely the opportunities He gives us.