We readily agree with the statement that “all men are created equal” and that we are endowed with certain “unalienable rights.” But we can’t live long without discovering that life doesn’t treat everyone the same. This is a fact we must learn to accept without resentment.

Life’s inequities show up on many levels. Cancer ravages the body of a child, while a hard-drinking chainsmoker lives to a ripe old age. Some people enjoy good health, others don’t. Some have no handicaps, others have severe limitations. Some work hard and remain poor; some are born to wealth or seem to have a series of lucky breaks.

When Jesus informed the apostle Peter that he was going to die as a martyr for his faith, Peter asked what would happen to John. He seemed to think that it wouldn’t be fair if John didn’t die the same way. But Jesus told him that what happened to John was not his concern. That was God’s prerogative. Peter’s responsibility was simple: He was to follow Christ.

When looking at others makes you feel resentful about the unfairness of life, change your focus. Look to Jesus and follow Him. Life’s inequities are only for a little while. Perfect fairness will be ours to enjoy forever in heaven.