Shortly after Scottish preacher G. Campbell Morgan’s wedding, his father visited the home the newlyweds had just furnished and decorated. After they had shown him the place with pride and satisfaction, he remarked, “Yes, it’s very nice, but no one walking through here would know whether you belong to God or the devil!”

Morgan was shocked by his father’s gruff but well-meaning comment. But he got the point. From that day forward, he made certain that in every room of his home there was some evidence of their faith in Christ.

Many believers make an effort to include reminders of God’s grace and goodness in their homes. Just a Bible verse inscribed on a plaque or a tasteful work of art with a Christian theme may be all that is needed to encourage family members to serve and praise the Lord.

Then too, the presence of Christian books and magazines can foster meditation on God’s Word. Such quiet testimonies may also open opportunities to speak to house guests about the goodness of the Lord.

What about your home? Would a visitor have any clue as to your spiritual allegiance?