We would expect King David to be extremely upset, because his enemies were scheming to dethrone him. Yet in Psalm 62 he testified that his soul was quietly confident before God. How was this possible in the midst of such turmoil? Verse 8 offers a clue—one I discovered for myself several years ago.

I had just returned home, battle-weary, alone, and at my wits’ end. As I began pouring out my woes before God, I suddenly stopped myself and said, “Father, forgive me. I’m treating You like a counselor!” But the torrent of words flowed on, followed by the same embarrassing apology. Then God’s Spirit whispered deep within, “I am your Great Counselor.”

But of course! Hadn’t He, the Creator of my physical and spiritual makeup, also created my emotions? How reasonable, then, to spread out my ragged feelings before Him. Then came His comforting, corrective counsel, ministered skillfully by the Holy Spirit through His Word. My problems didn’t evaporate, but like David, I could rest in God alone. I was at peace again.

Never hesitate to pour out your heart to God. In your day of trouble, you’ll find that prayer is the shortest route between your heart and God’s.