They were thousands of miles from home when an auto accident put both of them in the hospital. The husband was released within a few days, but the wife was in critical condition with serious head injuries.

Far from his home, his children, and his church, this man could have felt stranded and abandoned while his wife lay in a coma in the hospital. But he didn’t. Members of a local church heard about his plight and came to the rescue. “We will be your church family while you are here,” they assured him.

Soon people from the church were visiting the couple, providing the husband with transportation, and advising them about doctors.

The only bond between this couple and these people was their shared faith in Jesus Christ. Yet that was enough. And it enabled them to reach out in love to a couple whose lives had been suddenly disrupted. That’s how the body of believers is supposed to work!

We tend to favor people in our own church over those in another, somehow considering their needs less important because they don’t worship with us. But all Christians are members of Christ’s body and should be treated as such. Let’s always be ready to help in the time of need.