Spontaneous celebrations of freedom erupted all across Eastern Europe in the late 1980s as atheistic and tyrannical governments suddenly disintegrated. One of the more unusual displays of liberty took place in Czechoslovakia on November 27, 1989.

Although church bells had not been heard in that freedom-starved nation for 45 years, at noon that day every church bell in the country began to ring. The pigeons were as startled as the people. A sign placed on the front lawn of a church in Prague summed up the joy of the moment. It read simply: The Lamb Wins.

That triumphant message evokes a picture of the meekness and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout the pages of Revelation, He is portrayed as the Lamb who redeems us. Yet despite the gentleness represented by a lamb, Jesus is also the mighty Judge who will defeat all who oppose Him.

The reign of God’s Messiah will not come peacefully. The imagery of Revelation 19 is full of God’s fierce power and His violent judgment. In that day the nations will gather for a great rebellion against God (v.19), but they will be destroyed in a moment (v.21).

The Lamb will win. Praise the Lamb!