Month: September 1995

On The Other Side

With her little face pressed against the display window, a girl gazes with rapture at the beautiful dolls inside the toy store. She is enthralled by the miniature houses with their tiny dishes and detailed furniture. Oh, to get inside and play with those beckoning toys!

Adopt A Highway

Have you ever seen those adopt-a-highway signs as you've traveled along an expressway?

Changing Culture

Tite Tienow, a West African professor of missions and theology, was confronted by his physician during a medical exam. The doctor disagreed with the work of the professor and said that he was teaching Americans to "colonize" his native land. But Tienow pointed out that the aim of missionaries is not to change culture but to lead people to faith in Christ.

No Fast Food In The Bible

I love the sight of cows lying in the field, chewing their cud. But what is cud? And why do they spend so much time chewing it?

What If Jesus Hadn't Left?

Have you ever wondered what Jesus might have accomplished if He hadn't departed from this earth? Having risen from the grave, He had a glorified body that could pass through closed doors and be wherever He wanted to be by the mere thought. He could suddenly appear in a heated church business meeting, settle doctrinal disputes, and unite Christians!

When To Speak Up

Good communication is essential for a happy marriage. Poet Ogden Nash seems to have hit on a formula to help us remember how to communicate effectively. Nash, in his witty style, wrote:

Marching Into A Dead End

Stuart Briscoe writes about a funeral for a war veteran in which the man's military buddies had a role in the memorial service. The friends requested that the minister lead them to the casket for a moment of silence. They would then follow the pastor out a side door.


Low self-esteem is a killer—a killer of potential, of courage, of relationships. It is not, however, our primary problem. Did Eve eat the forbidden fruit because she could not accept herself as she was? Did Lucifer rebel and fall over the balcony of heaven because he felt inferior to the Most High God? Or was it pride that caused them to think they had a right to know more or to be more than the Lord had ordained?

Watershed Line

My wife and I were driving east on a remote ribbon of Canadian highway stretching between Wawa, Ontario, and neighboring Chapleau. The scenic northern road cuts through a forest of red pine, jack pine, aspen, and poplar. In the wooded terrain are lynx, wolves, moose, and lots of rocks.

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