Month: August 1995

God's Mercy System

In the United States justice system, it's important that jurors have an open mind. They can't have their minds made up before they get into the courtroom. They must always remember that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Speaking Well Of God's Son

Scottish missionary Frederick Arnot spoke well of God's Son in central Africa. Indeed, he spoke so well of Him that thousands of people in that area became Christians. But Arnot had made it his practice to speak well of God's Son long before leaving to serve his Lord in that unevangelized field.

Your Life's Handwriting

Some people believe that our hand-writing reveals our character. Experts in the field of graphology watch for things like the slant of letters, the way they are formed, where the "t" is crossed, and how the "i" is dotted. Based on these distinctions, conclusions are drawn about one's personality. We are told that the style of our writing shows whether we are outgoing or withdrawn, individualistic or of a conforming nature.

On A Tight Schedule

Everyone who knew him agreed he smelled like success. He had made his mark in his field and was known in the community for his impressive gifts. He accomplished so much because of time management.

How To Answer Accusers

While I was a student at college, my roommate accused me of stealing $100 from him. He didn't confront me directly, but spread his lie among his friends and reported it to the dean's office. The incident was thoroughly investigated, as it should have been.

In His Name

According to a legend, Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) was riding his horse one day when he saw a leper by the roadside, begging for money. He dismounted, gave him a coin, and kissed him on the cheek. As Francis rode away, he looked back and thought for a moment that he saw Christ Himself standing where the beggar had stood.

God Is Good

I have often joined in singing the chorus "God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He's so good to me." I could sing this with sincerity, thanking Him for my family, my fulfilling occupation, my many friends, and above all my salvation. But one day a feeling of guilt swept over me as I sang. Would I sing these words if I were living alone, felt unloved, and had little to eat?

A Good Surrender

Surrender is not a very popular word. We use it in reference to the humiliation that accompanies defeat. When a nation loses a war, it may be forced to surrender unconditionally, and has no say in the terms of defeat.

Cut-Flower Christians

Almost every woman likes to receive a bouquet of cut flowers. After admiring and smelling them, she wastes no time getting them into water. Even though fresh and beautiful when she gets them, their days are numbered. Because they've been severed from their life-source, they will soon wither and die. One day she will have to throw them away.

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